Who Is Romeo Jon Bongiovi? Know His Age, Height, Father

Romeo is the popular name of world-renowned musician Jon Bon Jovi. His father’s name was Jon Bongiovi. Therefore his official name has Bongiovi taken from his father. Romeo Jon Bongiovi is famous for being called a celebrity in his own right. 

Just because of his exceptional skills his father legendary also passed to him around the globe. Romeo Jon’s father without any doubt was a legendary singer and a pop icon. The legacy of Romeo Jon Bongiovi left by his father is extraordinary. In this article, we will look and every detail of Romeo Jon Bongiovi Biography in one place. 

Now read all about legendary singer Jon Bongiovi’s son, Romeo here.

Romeo Jon Bongiovi Biography 

As per the official details Celebrity star kid, Romeo Bongiovi was born on 29 March 2004. He was born in the USA. He is the son of Jon Bongiovi and Dorothea Harley. Now he is also a renowned celebrity himself. 

The popular child of the Pop star, Romeo Bonjiovi birthdate is 29 March 2004, he was born in the United States of America. His Father was a world-famous singer, musician, actor, and songwriter. Talking about his mother Dorothea Hurley was a professional karate coach. The sir name Bongiovi has an origin from the town called Sciacca, Sicily of Italy. Romeo Jon’s father has created and left a gift for his future generation to take benefit from. The level of artistry he has shown during his time is admirable. While Jacob hurley Bongiovi age is also young, he is the blooded sibling of Romeo Bongiovi. 

Romeo has a total of three siblings in number. Their names are Stephnie Rose, Stephaine Rose, and Jacob hurley Bongiovi age is the least one. 

For early education, he was sent to St. Joseph High School in Metuchen New Jersey for early education. Currently, the age of Romeo is 18 years. Talking about the uncles, he has two uncles named Matthew and Anthony. 

Romeo Bongiovi Age, Birthday, nationality

  • The official date of birth of Romeo is on 29 March 2004. 
  • Now he is of 18 years. 
  • He celebrates his birthday on 29th march with close friends and with his parents. 
  • Technically by birth, he is American as he was born in the United states officially. 
  • Nationality – US citizen

Romeo John Father: Jon Bongiovi 

Romeo is the eldest son of Jon Bongiovi while as per reports Jacob hurley Bongiovi age is the youngest one. 

John Bongiovi was born on 12 March 1962 in New Jersey in the United States of America. He is popular for being a pop icon, singer, songwriter, actor, and musician. Apart from Romeo has three more children. He is married to his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley, who was his high school friend. 

Jon Bongiovi is popular for being the lead singer and protagonist of his band Bon Jovi. his band Bon Jovi was formed in the year 1983 and he released a total of 15 studio albums in addition to multiple single albums too. 

His acting career of Jon started in the year 1990 with the movie named “Moonlight and Valentino” and “U-571”. He also becomes part of some iconic movies such as Sex and the city, The West Wing, and Ally McBeal. He ranked 50th position in Billboard magazine for the most powerful and influential music businessman for the year 2012. In the year 2009, he also becomes the songwriter Hall of Fame, the best songwriter in the year 2009. 

He also recorded the soundtrack for the movie Young Guns II, and won the award for favorite pop/Rock single at Golden Globe and Academy Awards too. 

Romeo Jon Bongiovi’s Mother

The official name of Romeo Jon Bongiovi’s Mother is Dorothea Hurley. She was a Karate coach and owner of a restaurant. The date of birth of Romeo’s mother is 29 September 1962. She was from New Jersey and attended the same school, that was attended by his husband Jon Bon Jovi. she has a total of four children from his husband Jon Bongiovi. 

Dorothea is married to Jon Bongiovi for more than thirty years now. During high school she was a Karate champion and later she pursued it being a Karate coach as her profession. she gave birth to four children from her married relationship with Jon Bonjovi. 

In the year 1992, she ranked 4th and become the best greenbelt Karate master in the USA. in the year 2002, she attained applause for becoming the female 4th degree Blackbelt holder. Additionally, she runs a restaurant chain with the brand name JBJ Soul Kitchen and runs donations for purchasing meals for homeless people in America. 

Romeo Jon Bonjovi Height 

As per the official records, Romeo Jon Bonjovi Height height is more likewise a fashion model type. The media channel covers his photos and videos whenever he goes out in public and shopping. Jacob hurley Bongiovi age is just 18 years and one of the most searched celebrity kid of singers online. 

We found out in our research that Romeo Jon Bonjovi Height is 5ft 6 inches.The personality of Romeo looks very attractive and represents a true gentleman with his noble looks. He has brown hair as well as brown eyes too. Romeo being an introvert leads a private life and avoids any social media attention. Therefore it is very less known about his own personal life. Till now he has only a tag name and is called the son of Jon Bongiovi. 

FAQs : Romeo Jon Bongiovi

  1. How many years old is Romeo Jon Bongiovi?

The current age of Romeo Jon Bongiovi is 18 years now.

  1. What is the height of Romeo Jon Bongiovi?

There are no data available on his height. 

  1. What is the real name of Romeo Bongiovi parents?

The official name of Romeo Bongiovi’s parents is Dorothea Hurley (mother) and Jon Bon Jovi (father). 

  1. What is the nationality of Romeo Bongiovi?

Romeo Bongiovi is an American citizen by birth. 

  1. Official Birthday of Romeo Bongiovi?

As per the official sources, the birthday of Romeo Bongiovi is on 29 March 2004. 

  1. What is the relationship between Romeo and Stephanie Rose?

They are siblings and Romeo is the youngest brother of Stephanie Rose in a relationship. 

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