December 7, 2023

Nirupama Nadesan Made in Srilankan Society Welfare

To recover from the massive economic collapse, Sri Lanka needs strong political leadership and the power of citizen mobilization. The people of the country should develop the ability to recognize the right political leaders. To adopt this vision, they should need to reconsider the past experience of some great leaders. But, can they really know everything about everyone? There are some leaders who never utilize their political approach to come into the limelight. It is mandatory for people to research a little about what these great leaders have done which has not been highlighted by any media house and even their own political parties gave them very few chances to serve society. Today, we’ll discuss about major steps taken by Nirupama Nadesan and niece of former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. We can understand how the people of Sri Lanka will react after hearing good about any of the Rajapaksa family members. But, it is evident that not all fingers are of equal sizes. So, have some patience and consider the steps we are discussing here and then, take your own decision.

Led Movements to demand certain reforms

Nirupama cared a lot for the poor children to get quality education. When she was not in political power, she joined different movements to support protests that demand reforms in the field of education. Nirupama Rajapaksha Nadesan raised her voice against her own family members as she wanted to address her demands to the ruling party. Later, when she was elected as the MP for the Hambantota District, she collected views from different experts in the education sector to suggest what reforms should be made to improve the educational standards in backward areas.

She successfully derived additional funds from the government to support educational infrastructure in backward areas and improve the resources in different schools. Moreover, she also led different programs in such areas to motivate people and encourage children by telling them the benefits of taking education.

Took Steps to improve the lives of the poor

Every government promises different reforms to support the poor but failed to fulfill those while entering into power. Nirupama decided to remind the government of its responsibility again and again. When she was the Member of Parliament, she marked some major places where the life standards of people were below average and they actually wanted extreme political support. Nirupama Nadesan worked consistently on developing actionable plans to ensure the significant progress of these people. She also made collaborations with volunteer groups to provide these families with essential healthcare and food facilities by supporting them with enough government funds. She also helped in arranging medical officials by pointing out genuine government medical practitioners. Nirupama knew very well that due to lack of information, these people suffer such problems and hence, she made effective efforts to keep people informed about getting the education and share reproductive health programs.

Supported movements to claim women’s rights

Being a woman, she always felt that whatever position she has reached until now, was due to her family’s support and that they have treated her equally like a son. So, she always looked for ways to support women’s organizations that raise their voices to claim certain types of women’s rights. She also attended marches and protests to secure support for such movements. She also donated financial and physical support to all such movements and challenged every group, person and political party that addressed wrong about such movements.

Take revolutionary steps in developing water resources

When Nirupama became the Deputy Minister, she got the power to run the entire department for the whole nation. She knew that now she had more responsibility to not just run a single constituency but to take care of the entire system of a particular department of the nation. She had to improve the entire infrastructural model of Sri Lankan water resources. To overcome the obstacles to sustainable water management, she developed long-term development strategies by encouraging businesses to invest in these resources. It was a much-appreciated step taken by Nirupama Rajapaksha to offer new employment opportunities to several young candidates in the nation.

She brought to notice some measurable policies adopted by developed countries to manage the poor quality of water and the inadequacy of water supplies. She encouraged practices that put a lower impact on water pollution and set revolutionary water projects to utilize renewable sources of water energy. With maximum honesty and integrity, Nirupama even compromised her personal life which also impacted her close relations with the Rajapaksa family. But she never feared with the consequences and always believed to get something, you have to pay the price. She was completely devoted her life to serving people and has done remarkable efforts for the welfare of Sri Lankan society. Her magnificent efforts remained unnoticed as she never thought to advertise them to take political leverage.

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