Everything You Need to Know About Steven Mark McFadden’s Married Life to Paula Jones

Steven Mark McFadden's Married Life

So you want to know about Paula Jones and married life of Steven Mark McFadden? We don’t blame you; they make one gorgeous couple. Plus, they’ve been through a lot together. Let’s start from Steven Mark McFadden’s biography:

Starting with Steven Mark McFadden and Paul Jones’s married life. Steven and Paula first met in college. They hit it off right away and started dating. A few years later, they got married. They were young, but they were in love and they knew what they wanted. They had two kids and built a life together.

But then things changed. Steven started working more and more hours, and Paula felt like she was always alone. She was bored and lonely, and the spark between them had died. Then one day, Paula found out about Steven’s affair.

She was devastated. They went through a nasty divorce, and things got pretty ugly. But eventually, they both moved on. Now, they’re happier than ever—and their marriage is stronger than ever.

Who Is Steven Mark McFadden?

Steven Mark McFadden is a noted American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner and founder of McFadden Ventures, a venture capital firm.

In addition to his professional achievements, McFadden is also known for his high-profile marriage to Paula Jones. The two were married in 2001 and have since filed for divorce. The couple has one child together.

In recent years, the two have become embroiled in a legal battle that has received significant media coverage. Jones has accused McFadden of domestic violence, and the case is currently pending.

The Marriage of Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones

You may be wondering who Steven Mark McFadden is. McFadden is the husband of Paula Jones, an American actress and beauty queen. The two were married in 1991, but the marriage was short-lived. In 1992, Paula filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

What you may not know is that Paula later sued McFadden for defamation. She claimed that he had spread rumors about her throughout the Hollywood community. The suit was eventually settled out of court.

Steven Mark McFadden’s Professional Career and Education Background

Steven Mark McFadden is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has been married to Paula Jones since 1996. McFadden is the owner of several businesses, including a software development company and a real estate firm. He also has a degree in business administration from the University of Southern California.

McFadden met his wife Paula Jones in 1986, and the two were married in 1996. The couple has four children together. In 2011, McFadden was sued for $1 million by an investor in one of his businesses. Steven Mark McFadden’s lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

The Infamous Lawsuit Between Paula Jones and President Clinton

While you might not know who Steven Mark McFadden is, you’re probably familiar with the Paula Jones case. She was an Arkansas state employee who sued then-President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, and the case ultimately led to his impeachment.

Interestingly, the Joneses were actually Republicans, and Steven was a big supporter of Clinton’s opponent, Bob Dole. But that didn’t stop Paula from coming forward with her story, which she did in 1994.

At the time, Paula was working for the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, and she alleged that Clinton, who was the governor of Arkansas at the time, had propositioned her and exposed himself to her in a hotel room in 1991. She also claimed that he made suggestive comments and gestures towards her on other occasions.

Clinton denied the allegations, but Jones persisted, and the case went to court. In 1998, Clinton agreed to settle the case for $850,000, but he did not admit any wrongdoing.

Controversy Surrounding the Legal Battle

You might be wondering how such a happy-go-lucky couple like Steven and Paula could find themselves in the middle of such a public legal battle. But that’s exactly what happened when, in 1994, Paula filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against then-President Bill Clinton.

The case made national headlines, and Steven was thrust into the spotlight. He remained by Paula’s side throughout the entire ordeal, even though it meant dealing with hordes of media attention.

In the end, the case was settled out of court, with Paula receiving $850,000 from Clinton. But the legal battle took its toll on the couple, both emotionally and financially. They ended up filing for bankruptcy in 1997, and their marriage ultimately fell apart.

Where Are Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones Now?

So, what’s the latest on Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones? Well, they’re still married and living in Arkansas. And it looks like they’re doing well, despite the fact that they had to deal with that whole nasty Steven Mark McFadden’s lawsuit.

These days, Steven Mark McFadden is working as a real estate agent, and Paula Jones is running a daycare out of their home. They have two kids together, and it seems like they’re really happy.

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones.


Paula Jones has been married to Steven Mark McFadden for over two years now. The couple resides in Texarkana, Arkansas and they seem to be leading a happy life. However, in December of last year, things turned sour for the couple when Paula filed for a divorce. The couple is now in the middle of a heated divorce battle.

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