Sherry Dyson: Chris Gardner’s Wife

Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson is the first wife of Chris Gardner, a well-known American businessman, investor, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. She is famous as the mother of Chris’ son; Christopher Gardner Jr. Chris Gardner has written his autobiographical book titled “The Pursuit of Happyness” and in that book; he mentioned Sherri Dyson as his spouse. He has also mentioned her as someone very kind and loving towards him and his son, Christopher Jr.

Sherry Dyson: Chris Gardner’s Wife

Chris Gardner met Sherry at a mathematics course in Virginia, south-eastern U.S. on June 18, 1977. Sherry was an educational expert in mathematics at the time. She married Chris on the same day after two months of courtship. After marriage, Sherry moved to Chicago along with her husband and son, Christopher Jr., to live there. Sherry was with Chris Gardner since 1985. The couple broke up in 1988. Sherry had a complicated relationship with Chris Gardner.

Sherry Dyson Divorce 

Chris Gardner divorced his wife Sherry after two decades of marriage, to be with his mistress Jackie Medina. She had even invested and saved for his medical school fees. Dyson and Gardner had no children together. The affair lasted a year before Medina broke off the relationship. So, you now know the story behind Sherry Dyson divorce. 

This prompted Gardner to divorce Sherry and marry Medina shortly thereafter in 1976. Chris Gardner’s life changed drastically when he met Sherry, a San Francisco native living in Boston. They met on an airplane when Gardner charmed her with his southern charm and sense of humor. She was a successful medical student attending Harvard University and they were engaged one month later. 

Struggles of Chris Gardner  

Despite the challenges Gardner faced throughout his childhood, his experiences from growing up poor were priceless and helped him to become resilient and a fighter. Now, as an adult, he took on the city that he grew up in to show that he can succeed in any environment. Armed with nothing but a salesmanship mentality, Gardner embarked on his journey.

The challenges he faced gave Gardner the tools needed to succeed in sales. As a salesman, Gardner’s philosophy was that the more he sold, the more money he made. Because of this principle, Gardner began to sell everything at not only discounted rates but at a high-profit margin.

Over time, Gardner became the top salesman in all of Illinois and held this title for three consecutive years while working for Chicago’s largest and most well-known companies such as Route 66-Nissan, Sears-Roebuck, and Lyles Sporting Goods.

Chris Gardner Childhood 

Chris Gardner grew up in the inner-city neighborhood of Willy Street on the South Side of Chicago. He grew up fatherless, which prevented him from ever having a male role model and greatly affected his ability to accept direction. 

Gardner’s first wife, Sherry, was a white woman who had been abandoned by her parents. Sherry was often abusive towards Chris, and would also physically abuse their children. Chris would find solace with his mother, who incidentally, also had a tumultuous family life.

What Happened to Sherry Dyson After Divorce? 

Sherry was a very beautiful woman. She lived with her husband, Chris Gardner, in a two-bedroom apartment in the Martin Luther King Homes of Chicago. Sherry and Chris were divorced in 1987. She died on 7th April 2000 at the age of 50. Sherry was found unconscious by her neighbors. Her neighbors immediately rushed her to the St. 

Benedict Hospital where she breathed her last. It was later on revealed that she died due to heart failure. Her death was not suspicious or natural as stated by the police. Ever since her death, we have been wondering what happened to her after her divorce from her husband Chris Gardner.


Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film “The Pursuit of Happyness” features Will Smith as Gardner, an investment banker who loses his job, and his subsequent struggle to become successful. Jaden Smith co-stars in the film. Smith’s son plays Gardner’s son, Christopher Jr. It also features Thandie Newton as Gardner’s girlfriend Linda. The film will give you an idea about what happened to Sherry after their Divorce. 

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