Here’s everything you need to know about all the ‘Young Guns’ cast members

You can find out more about the actors who portrayed some of the characters in Young Guns cast in this list, along with their interesting details.

Since its release in 1988, Young Guns is a popular western film. Christopher Cain directed the film, and John Fusco wrote the script. In addition to this film, many other westerns often have action scenes like the ones in this film. There are some very seasoned actors in the Young Guns cast who have played integral roles. Some of the Young Guns cast members are listed below, along with some interesting information about them.

 “Young Guns Cast”

  • William H. Billi the Kid Bonney (Emilio Estevez)

It was Emilio Estevez who played Billy the Kid in this film. This film was followed by a sequel a couple of years later with him as the star. Aside from The Breakfast Club and Arthur and the Invisibles, he has appeared in several TV shows and films throughout his career.

  • Josiah Gordon Doc Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland)

Sutherland has introduced a new character has been introduced to the cast of Young Guns. While he has a long list of films to his credit, he has also worked on many TV shows. Designated Survivor, The Fugitive, and many others are among them. Creep show was his last appearance.

  • Jose Chavez y Chavez (Lou Diamond)

A character named Jose is played by Lou in the film, “Young Gun”. Over the years, he has played recurring characters in a number of TV shows. Ranch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Hawaii Five-0, among others, are some of his most notable works.

  • Richard Dick Brewer (Charlie Sheen)

There is no doubt that Charlie Sheen is one of the most famous actors in the cast of this movie. One of his most well-known roles is that of Charlie Harper in the long-running television series Two and a Half Men. He has appeared in several films. Such as Hot Shots! And its sequel, The Three Musketeers, as well as many other films of the same genre.

  • Dirty Steve Stephens (Dermot Mulroney)

The role of ‘Dirty Steve’ has been played by Dermot Mulroney in this film. A lot like most of the actors in this cast, he has also worked on several films, and TV shows over the course of his career. Dirty Grandpa, The Mountain Between Us, and many other films have been produced by Dermot, Over the years.

  • Charlie Bowdre (Casey Siemaszko)

Casey Siemaszko portrays the character of Charlie in the story. There are a few films he has worked on and many TV shows he has been in. In 2016, he appeared on the TV show Billions. 

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